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Soar Athletics

Aerial Arts Studio, Located in Eustis Florida

Welcome to Soar Athletics! We strive to create an environment that is supportive and encouraging to students of all levels. Our program boasts a growing variety of aerial instruction on apparatuses such as silks, lyra, hammock, and adult aerial yoga. Regardless of your skill level or experience, we have a spot for you!

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Soar Athletics Offers Classes For Silks, Lyra, Hammock, And Adult Aerial Yoga.


Soar Athletics Offers To Host Events. Add Something Extra To Your Special Event With An Aerial Display.


We Hire Coaches That Have Hours & Hours Of Training In Their Speciality. You Get Only The Best Coaching At Soar Athletics!


Soar Athletics Is Growing Fast & Constantly Improving, We Have A Facility With Plenty Of Silks Available For Students!

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See What People Are Saying About Soar Athletics!

  • positive review  I've known Denise for 25+ years and she's always been and continues to be such a class act and remarkable human being. She brings out the best in those around her for simply being herself. This then extends to her students. They are all bettering themselves just by being influenced and encouraged by her. Soar Athletics is a one of a kind facility and program. The coaches are all positive, encouraging, disciplined, and motivated. They bring out the best and strive for the best in themselves and their students. I highly recommend Soar Athletics for anyone looking for a fun and unique physical activity.

    Crystal Lynn Myers Avatar Crystal Lynn Myers
    August 10, 2020
  • positive review  I can not say enough great things about this place. My daughter started about 7 months ago. She is absolutely loving it. The coaches are amazing! It really is a family environment. I love the confidence, positivity, and motivation they have given her. I’m so glad we found Soar Athletics they offer so many classes and the different days/times are helpful for those that have inconsistencies in their work days/hours.

    Mandy Osborn Avatar Mandy Osborn
    June 13, 2021
  • positive review  I honestly do not think 5 Stars is enough to explain how AMAZING Soar Athletics actually is. From the moment you walk in, to take your first class, you can feel the love that surrounds this wonderful establishment. Each coach makes it their personal goal to know each child/adult and make sure that that child/adult grows to their own potential, not a set standard. Denise (owner) is beyond a dream. Her passion for the art of the sport could not be more obvious. So in short.. YES! You and your child (boy or girl) will LOVE the classes offered at Soar. I have an 11yo boy and 9 yo girl that would literally live at the studio to take Silks 24-7, if possible. YES! It’s out of your comfort zone to try something new but isn’t that what this life’s all about?? YES! You will be amazed at what the body can do when taught the correct skills and appropriate form. YES. YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT.

    Nickie Nelson Fleming Avatar Nickie Nelson Fleming
    March 26, 2020
  • positive review  They take their time with the students and are beyond patient when teaching them new techniques. There isn't a night the kids don't beg to stay longer!

    Jinnie Palinski Avatar Jinnie Palinski
    June 9, 2020
  • positive review  Denise and her family are wonderful people. I think I will have my child’s next birthday party at Soar Athletics, who wouldn’t love to participate? I highly recommend Soar Athletics?

    Kim Huda-Santana Avatar Kim Huda-Santana
    February 10, 2020
  • positive review  my daughter Gaby loves your class

    Jalexsa Ortiz Avatar Jalexsa Ortiz
    November 22, 2019
  • positive review  Love Maddie’s opportunity at Soar. Great coaches, times and it’s super clean for the kiddos. She already wants to add a third night! Way to go ladies!!!

    Shannon Ackerman-Dukes Avatar Shannon Ackerman-Dukes
    July 12, 2020
  • positive review  Soar Athletics has become a home away from home for my daughter. She absolutely loves all things aerial, and adores all of her teachers. They push her to consistently grow and fulfill every ounce of her potential, all the while making it fun! WE LOVE SOAR ATHLETICS!!!

    Linda Crossman Avatar Linda Crossman
    March 25, 2020
  • positive review  My daughter absolutely loves aerial silks!!! She has the BEST instructor too!! Denise’s love and passion for the sport shines through to her students ?? HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

    Kristina Lloyd Schuster Avatar Kristina Lloyd Schuster
    September 15, 2019
  • positive review  We love ? Soar Athletics . It has become a second family for us. It is so much fun getting fit while feeling like a kid again. I recommend it to anyone that wants to learn a new skill. This place is the absolute best. The coaches are relaxed and knowledgeable. They can teach kids and adults with ease.

    Stefanie Ryan Avatar Stefanie Ryan
    June 8, 2020
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